Hand made products from masoners with over 25 years experience in conceptualization, design and supply of cast rock, we have what it takes to turn vision into reality.

Our need for greater security, are getting higher and higher, and more obtrusive. But with the stylish range of stone wall Facings wrom Wonder Rock, there's now a wonderful solution to unsightly, bland walls.

Wonder Rock's superbly crafted stone wall facings offer developers, builders and homeowners unrivalled scope to create properties with enduring impact in a choice of captivating themes. A touch of Tuscany, a peek at Provence, a bit of Bali... or simply the allure of the african bush.


Sizes vary from 70L x 120Wmm to
360L x 120Wmm
Depth 25-45mm
Mass 68kg/sqm


68 kg/sqm