Copings, with their non-slip surface, make for the right choice for swimming pools, atriums and garden pond surrounds.

And all Wonderock classics are made to the highest quality specification.

Wonder Rock, masters in the art of simulated rock, are no ordinary stone masoners. Hand crafted in simulated stone, coping come in a range of earthy tones from a limestone white to a weathered grey. Wonder Rock, masters in the art of simulated rock

Cobblestones and Pavers conjure images of a stone age - the days of elegant horse drawn carriages announcing a warm and welcoming arrival. Still today, Wonder Rock classics deliver the red carpet treatment and can be miss matched to complement any h

We specialize in casting that is not only pleasing to the eye, that boast a world class range that threatens to out last Mother Nature herself. So you could say over the years we have mastered the art of rock. Nothing beats the look of bringing t

Hand made products from masoners with over 25 years experience in conceptualization, design and supply of cast rock, we have what it takes to turn vision into reality. Flagstones are your invitation to enter, stroll, swim or just linger-longer and u